Its a brand new year and there are several things on our minds, two of which include our next moves toward sustainability and where we will be traveling next.


Accepting the fate that airline travel is not the safest option quite yet, we are excited to explore Oregon to the fullest in 2021. What better way to uncover the local treasures of the Pacific Northwest than in our vessel of choice-- the e-tron.


In 2018, Audi's first all-electric vehicle was unveiled in San Francisco, a city at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. Since then Audi has made significant strides toward building an EV ecosystem that would make buyers confident in going electric. With the eminent ban of sales on new fuel-powered vehicles in California and other countries on the horizon, it is apparent that shifting toward a greener auto landscape will be closer than we think.


Audi's full electric SUV is the perfect compromise for those who are eager for adventure on the road without the burden of fuel consumption. A switch to a different energy source doesn't limit where the e-tron or any other EV can take you. With a range of over 200 miles, the e-tron is highly capable of being your go-to road trip car, especially with the promise of charging stations sprinkled throughout the region for your closest convenience. 


Route Planner

The Audi Multimedia Interface (MMI) is equipped with many show-stopping features. In each of Audi's fully electric e-tron models, a route planning feature can be activated before starting your trip or through the myAudi app or in-car navigation system. This built-in tool is ideal for those who are interested in planning their stops ahead of time and will bring ease to any weary travelers who may be skeptical about an EV road trip.


Similar to other map and GPS interfaces, the e-tron route planner calculates the fastest route and considers traffic and road information. Also included are unique features such as machine-learning to adapt to the driver's style and many specific amenities only suited for an EV. 


When calculating total driving time, the route planner takes into account several details that give the most precise calculated driving time. The route planner will calculate your expected ETA and final charge of the car when the destination is reached. Also taking into account the driver's speed and style, the route planner can further anticipate how those factors will affect the car's ending charge when a destination is reached.


Perhaps the most convenient amenity that it provides is the ability to see what charging stations are along the way to your final destination. This feature takes away any anxiety that one might feel if they embarked on a lengthier adventure, allowing for multiple options to recharge without uncertainty. A portfolio of alternate routes are also offered to incorporate the different types of charging stations, factoring in their current occupation or station type. 

Planning for a trip just became a lot easier. Explore the full range of features that your Audi offers to unlock what Audi can do for you. 




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