Heading to Aspen on Vacation? This Hotel Offers a New Q7 With Your Stay

If you're leaving Portland, Oregon for a snowy vacation, Aspen is a beautiful place with its views of snow-capped mountains, majestic gorges and winding roads while you're driving in. This amazing small town has tons of outdoor activities, arts and culture and celeb sightings, and the recently renovated Limelight hotel, who offer a new Audi Q7 to guests when they stay there.

It couldn’t be any easier: show up, check in, reserve the Audi Q7 when it suits you, sign a liability waiver and off you go to any destination in or out of town, as long it takes two hours or less. The beautiful, scenic route of Hwy 82 with its panoramic views of mountains and wildlife is the perfect choice for a drive in the Q7.

The Q7 has ultra-modern features like driver-assistance which helps keep drivers in their lane, anticipates turns and automatically adjusts to local speed limits. It provides a super nimble mountain driving experience cutting mountain corners easily and getting a move on when you want it to via its 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder, 252 horsepower engine.

So if you’re visiting Aspen, be sure to stay at the Limelight hotel and experience Colorado the way it’s meant to be experienced: in an Audi!

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