Perfect Oregon Summer Adventures

So you just left Audi Beaverton in your brand new Audi, Summer has just begun, and you're looking to head out of Portland, OR for some adventures? Well you're in luck! Oregon has plenty to do to keep you busy this summer!

Check out this list of things to do in Oregon and have an epic summer!

1. Get out on a lake

1. Get out on a lake

It doesn't get much better than being on a lake on a hot summer day. Take a kayak, a canoe or a stand up paddle board for some on the water excitement!

4. Lounge on the coast

2. Relax at the Oregon Coast

There's no better time to enjoy the Oregon Coast than the summer. Ditch your rain jacket and put on your shades; Summer at the coast is beautiful!

3. Backpacking

Is there a more Pacific Northwest activity than going on a backpacking trip? Load up your gear and head out for a chance to disconnect in the beautiful outdoors.

4. Explore Some Caves

Oregon has many caves you can visit and escape that summer heat. Bring a light! It's dark in there...

5. Rent a cabin, yurt, or fire lookout.

There are plenty of non traditional places to rent during the summer months. Fire lookouts provide an unforgettable experience and views of the Pacific Northwest.

There are tons of other activities out there to enjoy during Summer and your Audi will get you there no problem!

Article via: Oregon Live
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