How to Use the Automatic Climate Control in your Audi A3

Audi Beaverton wants to make sure that you're comfortable cruising around Portland, OR so if you're looking for a 'set it and forget' setting for the temperature in your Audi, make sure you're taking advantage of the automatic climate control system!

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Pressing AUTO button and setting the temerature to 72 degrees F is recommended.

The functions can be switched on and off by pressing the buttons or adjusted by turning the knob. The LED in a button will light up when the function is switched on.

Automatic climate control system

The automatic climate control system automatically maintains a temperature once it has been set. In all heating mode functions except defrost, the blower only switches to a higher speed once the engine coolant has reached a certain temperature.

AUTO Switching automatic mode or "eco" mode on and off

Automatic mode maintains a constant temperature inside the vehicle. Air temperature, airflow and air distribution are controlled automatically. AUTO mode switched off once a button in the climate control system is pressed.

When automatic mode is active, pressing the AUTO button briefly actives the "Eco" mode. In "eco" mode, all settings are lowered slightly to save fuel. WHen in "eco' mode, Eco is shown in the display. To exit "eco" mode, press the AUTO button again.

A/C cooling mode
The cooling mode only functions with the blower turned on. You can turn the cooling system on or off by pressing the A/C button. The air is not cooled and humidity is not removed when cooling mode is switched off. This can cause fog on the windows. The cooling mode switches off automatically when there are cold outside temperatures.

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The temperature for the driver's and front passenger's side can be adjusted separately with the diast (1)/(2). Temperatures between 60 degrees F and 84 degrees F can be set. If outside of this range, LO or HI will appear in the climate control system display. In both settings, the climate control runs constantly at the maximum cooling or heating level. The temperature is not regulated.

Synchronization: by pressing the AUTO button for two seconds, the temperature setting for the driver's side is transferred to the front passenger's side. This applies a temperature change to the front passenger's side.

These are just the basics of the Automatic Climate Control System, we'll cover more in another blog post! We will also be covering how to work the essential systems in your Audi A3 as well as systems in the A4, Q3, Q5, and Q7!

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