Think Faster: The world's fastest AMA

Audi Sport puts our vehicles and celebrity guests through their paces for fun and conversation. We would love it if Audi would come to Audi Beaverton near Portland, OR with some celebrities!

Speed. Excitement. Fast response. It’s what defines the experience of driving an Audi Sport® model. It turns out to also describe how we challenge the wits, endurance and limits of some of our celebrity fans. With Think Faster, the Audi Sport® division created a new way to talk about our power: during the world’s fastest celebrity Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), where each 30-minute episode transforms the popular online interview format into a broadcast—from the passenger seat of an Audi TT RS—that then appears on YouTube.

American television host, sports commentator, actor and singer, Selema “Sal” Masekela, the Think Faster series sends celebrities like Adam Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Munn and Issa Rae around the Willow Springs International Raceway at speeds of up to 130 mph in an Audi Sport® model while they answer questions from pop culture—and Audi—fans alike. It’s up to you to try and keep up.


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